He Moves Us

This post is part of a series on the topic of Transformation, from our Trekkers who are crossing Honduras as part of the Costa a Costa cycling event!

IMG_4205.JPGGod came into my life in a very special way; I came to know Him when my grandmother died. It was a time in my life full of sadness when I didn’t want to do anything for anyone. However, God put a person in my life who shared the Word of God with me and encouraged me to go to church. Thanks to God, since then my life has completely changed. Now I understand that God is the only one who gives us strength and wisdom to continue on through our problems. I was eventually baptized, and from that day on, my life was transformed to praise Him. My life is completely different now that He is in it, my family included.  God is in our lives and it is Him who protects us.

IMG_5770Through UrbanTrekkers, I went on a service-learning trip to San Pedro Sula, to the children’s cancer ward where God once again began a transformational work in me. It was a beautiful and moving experience. When I visited those kids and heard some of their stories, I was moved. I could see how they are fighting to go on every day, while people like me find it easy to complain quite a bit. I learned that it’s not necessary to be someone important in society to fight and continue on, but rather with a purpose in mind, we can focus on the Word of God and continue developing our abilities with other people, showing them kindness, and loving the people who need to be loved.

-Estefany (17), Trekker


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