2nd Annual Tour de Copan

January 6-10, 2020

Five days • Five towns and villages in the north of the Copan department • More than 100 miles of biking • Partnering with local coffee & cacao shops, churches, ministries and day care home for children• Biking from UrbanPromise Honduras to the mountains full of great views, dust, mud and not too good roads on an incredible, life changing journey • Tour de Copán.  

Total Cost for our trekkers: $1,600*

*This price includes ALL costs for our group of 9 youth and 2 leaders.

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Outdoor Adventure: Given time for group training, our youth will complete the 160+ km cycling (Most of the route will be little or not at all traveled by bicycle.)

Environmental Awareness: Given the opportunity to observe various ecosystems throughout the Copan department, our youth will use topographical information from climate, resource and physical maps to compare three or more similarities between their immediate environment and that of home.

Historical Perspective: Given five days to observe 5 different municipalities in the north of department our youth will explain the importance that each village/town has had in the development of the culture, history, and socio-political states of Copan.

Community Service: Given five days to observe while pedaling through towns and villages, our youth will form a list of the greatest needs they have observed and brainstorm ideas of how to help in each of these areas. We will also lead a mini-day-camp in a local day care home at El Paraiso, Copán.

Leadership & Teambuilding: Given the time for training and teambuilding before the event, our youth will divide in cooking and cleaning teams, including bike & equipment maintenance, keeping the car clean, packing and unpacking the camp every day. And every night we will discuss different subjects related to gifts and talents to shape some areas of students’ lives to improve their self-esteem and become better leaders of our community.


Day 1

  • Opening Ceremony at Camp Gracia in Copan Ruinas
  • Bike from UPH to Santa Isabel village (32 KM/20 Mi)
  • Coffee Tour (Learn about the final coffee process (drying, roasting, quality control and export)

Day 2

  • Bike from Santa Isabel to La Jigua (30 KM/19 Mi)
  • Mayan Archaeological Site Tour


Day 3

  • Bike from La Jigua to El Paraiso (33 KM/20 Mi)
  • Community Service at Day Care Home

Day 4

  • Bike from El Paraiso to Aguas Termales (Hot Springs) (27 KM/17 Mi)
  • Cacao Tour and enjoy hot springs (a motivation to finish strong!)

Day 5

  • Bike from Aguas Termales to UPH  (23 KM/14 Mi)
  • Closing and celebration ceremony

*Album Tour de Copan 2019: Here!