Mission & Vision


UrbanTrekkers Honduras mission is to be an outdoor, hands-on, up-close learning and mentoring program to help the youth of Honduras engage the world as servant-leaders with the heart and mind of Christ.


The UrbanTrekkers program seeks to complement the already successful youth programs of UrbanPromise Honduras, as well as the academic programs of local secondary schools. Through expeditionary learning, we travel to places beyond students’ everyday lives in our region of Honduras and beyond. We engage in leadership and teambuilding activities, community service, cross-cultural experiences, outdoor adventure, and educational experiences in relation to environmental awareness and historical perspectives.

We believe that education will open the doors of opportunity for our youth, and our hope is to help students know how to use that education to impact their world. We believe education is about motivation- stimulating and awakening the child-like curiosity that is part of our very human nature.  Our programs are designed to generate high interest among UrbanPromise youth so that they are motivated to learn from the experience and carry that motivation into all aspects of their life- academic, relational, and spiritual.