Rooftop Garden

Started by Jonathan Kays, our first UrbanTrekkers volunteer, our rooftop garden has been growing in both size and purpose. Our mission is to create an open, safe space, where we can promote the availability of nutritious, fresh and pesticide-free food while connecting youth with mentors and volunteers who can plant seeds of love in the soil of their life. We provide an outlet for environmental education, as well as creative means for impacting the community.


Because most of Honduras lacks an established waste management and recycling program, there is a lot of garbage that can pile up along rivers, streets, fields and everywhere else you can think of. We look to promote the use of bottles and other waste products in creative means for bringing new life to something that would otherwise be considered garbage.

IMG_6197Art & Creativity

There are many forms of expressing your creativity, and youth needs those outlets as well as anyone else! We look to allow for the incorporation of artwork- large and small into our rooftop garden as much as possible. From personalizing bottle planters to bottlecap murals, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities!

IMG_3519Agricultural Education

Poor farming practices in Honduras have led to a huge problem of soil erosion and nutrient depletion, which in turn affects the health of those looking to cultivate their own food. We look to provide connections to those who have an expanded knowledge of good agricultural practices so as to inspire our youth to bring these simple skills home.