Celaque 2019

August 5-9, 2019

Walk through history at Fort San Cristobal  • Discover grit through hiking Honduras’ highest mountain • Stretch comfort zones through outdoor camping • Face new heights while cruising the zipline at Termas del Rio • Refresh in the hotsprings of nearby volcanic vents • Serve at a SOS Children’s Villages (is an independent, non-governmental international development organisation which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949) in Santa Rosa de Copan.


*This price includes ALL costs for our group of 14 youth and leaders. 

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Outdoor Adventure: Given the opportunity to visit Celaque National Park, our Trekkers will summit Cerro las Minas, the highest mountain in Honduras (9,420 ft).

Given training during Camping 101, our Trekkers will camp for four nights while backpacking during part of their journey.

With appropriate instruction given, our Trekkers will face their fears by completing the zipline course of Termas del Rio in Gracias, Lempira.

Environmental Awareness: Given the time to explore Celaque National park, our Trekkers will compare and contrast the cloud forest ecosystem to that of Copán Ruinas.

Given the opportunity to visit the pools of local hot springs, our Trekkers will explain the relationship of tectonic plates, volcanoes and geothermal vents.

Given instruction of Leave No Trace during Camping 101, our Trekkers will leave Celaque National Park a better and cleaner place than they found it.

Historical Perspective: Given the opportunity to visit Fort San Cristóbal, our Trekkers will explain some of the key historical points of Gracias.

Cross Cultural Experiences: Given the opportunity to explore Casa Galeano, our Trekkers will compare the art and culture of Gracias with that of Copán Ruinas.

Community Service: Given the opportunity to visit and serve in SOS Children’s Villages at Santa Rosa de Copan, youth will synthesize their own philosophy of service, including their own redemption story, the meaning of “servant”, the importance of serving, and how they can apply this philosophy to their daily lives.

Leadership & Teambuilding: Given various months of preparation for the trip, our Trekkers will divide and share personal and group responsibilities, including preparation of group gear, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining our campsites clean.

Given the opportunity to climb the tallest mountain in Honduras, our Trekkers will show personal motivation to arrive at the summit of Cerro las Minas.

Given a week of physical, mental, and emotional challenges, our Trekkers will form a plan for how to apply the lessons learned during this trip to their everyday lives.


  • Travel 4 hours to Santa Rosa de Copán and Gracias, Lempira
  • Serve at a SOS Children’s Villages
  • Set up camp at the Celaque Visitor Center
  • Evening journaling and reflection
  • All day hike to El Naranjo campsite at Cerro las Minas
  • Evening journaling and reflection
  • Sunrise hike to the summit of Cerro las Minas
  • Morning journaling and reflection at the highest point in Honduras
  • Descend Cerro las Minas & arrive at the hotprings of Termas del Rio
  • Zipline challenge
  • Swim in the refreshing waters of the hotsprings
  • Visit Fuerte San Cristobal
  • Visit the Casa Galeano cultural and art house
  • Evening journaling and reflection
  • Return to Copan Ruinas


Watch the 2017 Video from Celaque: