Colorado & Utah

Summer 2017

This trip engages approximately 20 student leaders from Camden and other UrbanPromise sites (Trenton, NJ; Miami, FL; and/or Wilmington, DE) in a 14-day trek through Colorado and Utah. The group visits five national parks; goes white water rafting and hiking; participates in environmental awareness activities with the Sierra Club and local miners; engage in cross cultural exchanges with Native American communities; and participate in community service projects. Students who demonstrate commitment and leadership during the academic year UrbanTrekker program are invited to attend.


*This price includes ALL costs for two youth and one-two leader(s) from Copan. Other funds for this trip are supplemented by the Wallace Research Foundation and UrbanTrekkers Camden.

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Outdoor Adventure: Given the chance to travel throughout the United States, our youth will explore and camp in five different national parks in Colorado and Utah.

Given instruction in high-altitude hiking, our youth will safely and successfully hike Independence pass along the Continental Divide.

Given appropriate instruction, our youth will face personal fears and raft down the Arkansas River in a safe manner.

Environmental Education: Given the chance to explore the Victor Gold Mine in Colorado, our youth will compare and contrast the economic benefits of mining with the negative effects on the environment, analyzing the manners in which the mine uses to minimize its environmental footprint.

Given the chances to observe various ecosystems throughout the United States, our youth will use information from climate, resource, physical, political, and topographical maps in order to compare three or more similarities and differences between their immediate environment and that of Honduras.

Historical Perspective: Given the chance to visit Mesa Verde National Park, one of the oldest Pueblo villages in the country, our youth will compare the culture and history of the indigenous population of the Unites States with that of the Mayas in Honduras.

Cross-Cultural Experiences: Given the opportunity to meet UrbanTrekkers from Camden, Wilmington, Trenton, and Miami for two weeks, our youth will compare three or more similarities and differences between custom and culture between the United States and Honduras.

Given various months for preparation, our youth will prepare a presentation on the culture, food and customs of Honduras for the youth from the other cities.

Given weekly English classes, our youth will communicate with other members of the group with a basic level of English.

Community Service: Given the opportunity to participate in a service Project with a local organization, our youth will connect the importance of service to their personal life philosophy.

Leadership & Teambuilding: Given various months of preparation for the trip, our youth will share and divide personal and group responsibilities including equipment packing, cooking, campsite preparation, and cleaning.

Presented with a group of Trekkers from other cities and countries, our youth will show a spirit of collaboration during all hikes and other physical challenges.

Given the support and direction of the staff and volunteers of UPH, our youth will apply for a Passport and visa with the office of Honduran Immigration and the United States Embassy respectfully.

Given two weeks of physical, mental, and emotional challenges, our youth will apply the lessons learned during the trip to their everyday lives back home.


Day 1-2
  • Depart Copan
  • Arrive in Denver
  • Visit Stanley Hotel
  • Meet up with Trekkers from other UrbanPromise Sites
  • Drive to Rocky Mountain National Park
Day 3-4
  • Visit Estes Park
  • Hike, waterfalls, rock formations in Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Service Project
  • Evening journaling & reflection times
Day 5
  • Drive to Granby, CO
  • Visit Eagle Rock School
  • Swim & camp at Cutthroat Bay
  • Evening journaling & reflection
Day 6
  • Drive to Aspen
  • Explore town
  • Camp at Difficult Campground
  • Evening journaling & Reflection
Day 7
  • Sunrise hike at Independence Pass at the Continental Divide
  • Evening journaling & reflection
Day 8
  • Drive to Arches National Park
  • Visit Moab
  • Evening journaling & reflection
Day 9
  • Explore Canyonlands & Arches National Park
  • Sunset journaling & reflection at Delicate Arch
Day 10
  • Drive to Mesa Verde National Park
  • Camp at Riverside Campground
  • Evening journaling & reflection
Day 11
  • Drive to Sand Dunes National Park
  • Explore 800 ft. sand dunes at sunset
  • Camp at Pinyon Flats
  • Evening journaling & reflection
Day 12
  • Drive to Colorado Springs
  • Visit Victor Gold Mine
  • Evening journaling & reflection
Day 13
  • White Water Rafting with Independence Whitewater on the Arkansas River
  • Camp at Pike’s Peak Community Campground
  • Final journaling & reflection time
Day 14
  • Drive back to Denver, CO
  • Clean, pack and organize gear
  • Departure BBQ
Day 15
  • Depart Denver for Copan

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