San Pedro Sula: Service Learning

Fall 2017

Four days of serving in the city • Developing leadership skills with the public hospital, a local orphanage, and other service sites • Exploring the natural beauty surrounding the city • Building relationships across cultures


*This price includes ALL costs for our group of 20 youth and leaders. 

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Outdoor Adventure: Given a day to hike the trail to the famous San Pedro CocaCola sign, our Trekkers will arrive at the summit that overlooks the city below.

Environmental Awareness: Given the opportunity to visit Laguna Ticamaya, our Trekkers will describe the importance of diverse ecosystems that are found surrounding urban areas.

Given instruction in Leave No Trace, our Trekkers will not leave behind any waste during their four day adventure.

Intercultural Experiences: Given the opportunity to spend four days in San Pedro Sula, our Trekkers will compare and contrast daily life in the city with that of life in rural areas like Copán Ruinas.

Community Service:  Given the opportunity to visit and serve with organizations like the Children with Cancer ward in the public hospital, a local orphanage, and other service site(s), our Trekkers will synthesize their own philosophy of service to include our own history of redemption, the meaning of “servant,” why it is important to serve, and how we can apply this philosophy to our everyday lives.

Leadership and Teambuilding: Given various weeks of preparation for the trip, our Trekkers will divide and share personal and group responsibilities, including preparation of service projects, packing group gear, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining our place of stay clean.

Given a week of physical, mental, and emotional challenges, our Trekkers will form a plan for how to apply the lessons learned during this trip to their everyday lives.


  • Service-Learning with Manos Unidas en Cristo Feeding Center
  • Visit Central Park
  • Evening journaling and reflection
  • Climb to trail to the CocaCola sign at the San Pedro Sula overlook
  • Final group reflection time
  • Return to Copan Ruinas