Lake Yojoa & San Pedro Sula 2017

October 04-07, 2017

• Inspiring awe while birdwatching in BioParque Paradise and visiting Pulhapanzak, Honduras’ highest waterfall • Stretching comfort zones through three nights of outdoor camping • Stimulating reflection while paddling the waters of Lake Yojoa • Serving in the Center for Children with Cancer at the Mario Catarino Rivas public hospital


*This price includes ALL costs for our group of 20 youth and leaders. 

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AfterSchool Program Retreat: Our team of youth who lead our two after-school camps throughout the year will get a chance to evaluate the work they’ve done, reflect on how God has been transforming them, and get a taste of the Trekkers experience.


Outdoor Adventure Given the opportunity to explore BioParque Paradise, our youth will walk and explore the areas around Honduras’s only natural lake including Pulhapanzak waterfall, in order to lean the art of admiring God’s creation.

Given the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for paddling, our youth will apply these physical abilities to an afternoon of canoeing at Lake Yojoa.

Environmental Awareness: Given the opportunity to explore BioParque Paradise, our youth will analyze and debate about the manners in which they directly or indirectly contribute to the protection or destruction of protected, diverse natural areas.

Given the opportunity to walk through various nature trails, our youth will be able to observe a variety of unique birds in order to identify and classify at least ten species of birds, along with the location of their native habitat in other regions of the country.

Community Service: Given an afternoon in the Center for Children with Cancer, our youth will spend time with the kids, sharing crafts, hugs, and love as they learn firsthand how to relate to people who are suffering.

Leadership & Teambuilding: Given various weeks of preparation for the trip, our Trekkers will divide and share personal and group responsibilities, including preparation of group gear, cooking, cleaning, maintaining our campsites clean, and pre-trip fundraising.

Given four days of physical, mental, and emotional challenges, our Trekkers will form a plan for how to apply the lessons learned during this trip to their everyday lives.


  • Travel 4 hours to Lago de Yojoa
  • Set up camp at BioParque Paradise
  • Afternoon canoeing
  • Evening journaling and reflection
  • Morning hike and bird watching session in BioParque Paradise.
  • Visit Pulhapanzak, Honduras’s largest waterfall
  • Evening journaling and reflection
  • Evaluation time
  • Service activity at the
  • Center for Children with Cancer
  • Evaluation time
  • Movie at the mall
  • Back to Copan

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