Coast to Coast: Cycling Tour

January 7-14, 2018

Nine days • Nine cities • More than 260 miles of biking • Partnering with Transformemos Honduras, a non-profit promoting education throughout the country• Biking from coast to coast on an incredible, life changing journey • Costa a Costa  

Total Cost for our trekkers: $1,600*

*This price includes ALL costs for our group of 5 youth and 1 leader. 

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Outdoor Adventure: Given time for group training, our youth will complete the 437 km cycling tour that is Costa a Costa

Environmental Awareness: Given the opportunity to observe various ecosystems throughout Honduras, our youth will use topographical information from climate, resource, physical and political maps to compare three or more similarities between their immediate environment and that of Copan.

Historical Perspective: Given eight days to observe nine of the largest and most influential cities in Honduras, our youth will explain the importance that each city has had in the development of the culture, history, and socio-political states of Honduras.

Cross Cultural Experiences: Given the opportunity to interview cyclists from different countries, cultures, and parts of Honduras, our youth will compare three or more similarities and differences between custom, importance, and expression of our Christian faith.

Community Service: Given eight days to observe nine of the largest and most influential cities in Honduras, our youth will form a list of the greatest needs they have observed and brainstorm ideas of how to help in each in of these areas.

Given the opportunity to support the Costa a Costa staff, our youth will plan and implement their part of service during the event.

Leadership & Teambuilding: Given the opportunity to listen to the mission and vision of AJS (Association for a more Just Society), Transformemos Honduras, and other NGO’s represented in Costa a Costa, our youth will formulate their own mission and vision for justice in Honduras.

Given the time for training and teambuilding before the event, our youth will divide and share personal, group, and event responsibilities, including bike & equipment maintenance, keeping the bus clean, and event support.


Day 1
  • 5 hour drive to Tela
  • Opening Ceremony for Costa a Costa
Day 2
  • Bike Tela to El Progreso to San Pedro Sula (94 KM/60 Mi)
Day 3
  • Bike San Pedro Sula to Santa Cruz de Yojoa (84 KM/45 Mi)
Day 4
  • Bike Santa Cruz de Yojoa to Siguatepeque (74 KM/46 Mi)
Day 5
  • Bike Siguatepeque to Comayagua (33 KM/22 Mi)
Day 6
  • Bike Comayagua to Tegucigalpa (90 KM/52 Mi)
Day 7
    • Bike Tegucigalpa to San Lorenzo (90 KM/68 Mi)
    • 3 hour bus ride back to Tegucigalpa
Day 8
  • 8 hour bus trip back to Copan Ruinas