Twin Transformations

This post is part of a series on the topic of Transformation, from our Trekkers who are crossing Honduras as part of the Costa a Costa cycling event!

091.JPGThe day I was born, my brother was born as well 🙂 hehe. I’m a twin, but this same day, my mother passed away. This was a very sad time for my family; I was a really underweight baby, and my dad thought I wasn’t going to survive, only my brother. But my grandmother on my mom’s side, she took care of both me and my brother. And so time went on, and I grew up. So many people were shocked to see how far I had come after such a rough start. More time went on, and then last year on November 23rd at 4:00pm, my grandmother had an accident; she fell and ended up in critical condition. She was brought to the hospital and soon passed away. This was one of the most difficult moments of my life. I couldn’t help but think about all the times I had spent with her. I thought about all that she had done in order for me to live. In that moment, I asked God to give me the strength I needed, and He did. I had never felt anything like I felt in that moment…like a hand on my shoulder, one that helped me realize that He is always by our side, and we just need to cling to Him. Since then, I have gone to church a lot more, and God is helping me all the time. I feel like I understand my parents more, and I appreciate every minute with them. God is faithful and true, and He has great things prepared for me and those around me.

040.JPGUrbanPromise is an organization that I believe God has sent to Honduras to help students have the opportunity to continue learning new things. For instance, how to come alongside children, as well as the other youth that are brought together through Him. In my life I can see these things happening and it has helped me to be able to serve others as a team and be united as a family. UrbanTrekkers practices the art of friendship, love, and living together in community while serving others.

-Iramy (19), Trekker



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