A Life of Transformation

This post is part of a series on the topic of Transformation, from our Trekkers who are crossing Honduras as part of the Costa a Costa cycling event!


DSC03173.JPGHi, my name is Luis Ortiz, and I’m from the small community near Copan Ruínas called Sesesmil. I grew up in a Christian home working in everything related to agriculture. Ever since I can remember, I’ve gone to church, thanks to the help of my mom. All of us except my father have come to know the Lord, and because of Him, our lives have been blessed and transformed. God has helped me with everything I have been involved with; my studies in high school and college, blessing me with several good jobs, and helping me to keep meeting other believers. I think that my life without God would be empty and with little meaning. The Lord has helped me to know the purpose of my life and I know that one of those purposes is to serve others and be an ambassador on earth, helping to transmit His message and establish His IMG_7142Kingdom. Since I was young, I have been involved in church activities, preaching to youth, and sharing short messages on the radio from the Church of God in Copan Ruínas. However, I think I also have much to learn and many areas to grow in as a person, but with God on my side, I know that the best is yet to come, because He is faithful all the time.
DSC03926.JPGGod wants to transform my life, and here with UrbanTrekkers at UrbanPromise Honduras, He’s going to do it. I see this as a place in which young people are helped and can grow, forming a life of integrity with strong moral and spiritual values. I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot during Youth Nights and Trekker expeditions, especially on the service-learning trip to San Pedro Sula. I was also impacted by the end of year youth retreat for our StreetLeaders. I saw how the presence of God transformed the life of the youth at UrbanPromise Honduras.  I’ve been volunteering with UrbanPromise Honduras for one year now, and my life has come to have more meaning. I’ve seen how at UPH, it’s a bit out of the ordinary from your everyday job or housework. I have no doubt that this place is helping to transform lives.

-Luis Ortiz, Future Assistant Director to UrbanTrekkers Honduras


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