Victory in Defeat

IMG_2831Since last December, we’ve been prepping to leave for a multi-site Trekker trip to Colorado and Utah, where we would bring a small group of youth from Copan to unite with Trekkers from Camden, Trenton, and Wilmington. The trip is a once in a lifetime experience for the youth, who get to explore the Rocky Mountains, The Great Sand Dunes, Arches, Canyonlands, and Mesa Verde National Parks. We’ve had four youth who qualified to go on this trip, Diony, Lucinda, Johna, and Kevin- all of whom were chosen for their leadership, maturity, and willingness to push boundaries. However, because of the difficulty in obtaining U.S. visas, only two of the four youth were approved by the U.S. Embassy to go. We are so excited for Johna and Kevin, who leave TOMORROW (July 26th) for this amazing two week adventure.

Before leaving for their visa interviews, I asked some of our youth to write two letters to themselves: one which they would read if they received their visa, the other if they did not. I asked them to think about what they would want to share with themselves in that moment- because we knew the possibility of denial was very real. I want to share Lucinda’s letter she wrote to herself; the letter she ended up reading last week after her second trip to the Embassy, where they denied her visa. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me. Although we sometimes face situations the world would deep as defeat, I think that in this case, I can confidently say that Lucinda has shown us what true victory looks like.

If I don’t receive my visa…

I would feel at peace and encouraged because God is with me in the good and the bad. He knows the best for each one of his children.

I would be sensible because I worked hard and did everything I could to try and succeed, and that is what counts.

I wouldn’t get angry nor discouraged nor would I be kicking myself out of anger because I am a mature person in every aspect.

IMG_3008I would give thanks to God for bringing me to the point I am at because I am a fighter for God who is always able to analyze things well.

I would continue on with my life normally and know that I fought , and that if it were the will of God, things would have turned out differently.

I would keep on focusing on my studies.

I would pray for Johnatan and Kevin, that everything goes super well for them and that they live out this marvelous experience.


“And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose…” -Romans 8:28


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