Thoughts from a Trekker


IMG_0859Lifting my head to look toward the mountain, my eyes can see far into the distance where clouds cover the highest point of Honduras- our goal- a long way off. Doubts and fear fill my head saying I won’t make it, but the heart is confident.

‘This is your mountain, and you want to make it to the end.’

The path begins with immense trees, several feet around, as well some which have fallen, now dried and starting to decompose; yet at one point they were grand trees full of life. The sun appears ready to illuminate the path of the one willing to face the mountain. The morning is fresh, the trees are blowing in the wind, the birds singing… and my feet begin to climb.

SONY DSCThere are many paths, but only one leads to the top. Looking around, we’ve already walked so much, the exhaustion starts to set in, and now everything seems so much heavier.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll make it, just don’t think about everything as you’re walking. Look around you and enjoy the journey. Take a look at the wonders God did to show you His love.’ 

The path is now more difficult. Tiredness starts to sink in. It seems like the mountain has no end. I sit down and rest.

Laugh with your fellow Trekkers. Drink some water. This isn’t lost time, it’s a chance to regain your energy. Don’t go so quickly that you tire out. Watch your step and help your companions because later you’re going to need help too.

SONY DSCIt’s night time now, time to sleep; I close my eyes, but the cold doesn’t let me get very far. It’s freezing.

We’ll be up soon.

Its morning, the rain is falling from a gray sky. The sun isn’t up yet, but we have to keep on walking.

No matter what the circumstances, you have to make it to the top.’

The summit is still nowhere in sight, and I want to be there…now.

Don’t give up. Desperation makes you even more tired. It makes you frustrated.’

Desperation isn’t how you conquer a mountain, and it’s not supposed to be part of the adventure.

Just keep on walking and taking in everything around you, always maintaining an atmosphere of learning along the way.

No one said it would be easy. The cold chills to the bone, the path is wet and makes everything slippery.

Don’t worry, this only makes you stronger.

Now there’s less air, which is a sign that we only have a little more ways to go.

Keep on walking. The path was more difficult at the beginning, but now you’re stronger than when you started. You’ve made it this far but it’s not the end…don’t give up!

The summit- we’ve made it! In my happiness I forget about the long way, the exhaustion, the cold, the rain…I just want to celebrate!

So do it! Enjoy your conquest of the mountain. Never forget this moment. Guard it where you hold onto the best moments of your life; there in your heart, a heart that dreams of conquering that mountain that stretches to the sky.


104_4470Life is like a mountain full of dreams to conquer. It’s a path that is difficult to climb but you can make it to the summit. God doesn’t make any mountain higher than others- the difference is that some make it to the top in triumph, and other resign themselves to remain ON the mountain, taking other paths and getting lost. There is no mountain in your life that you can’t climb. You’ve just got to follow the footsteps of the teacher who designed the path and who has a greater purpose for you in mind.

Being stuck on the mountain is not the same as making it to the summit. Just being alive doesn’t win you any honor…that only comes when we LIVE our lives.

“The path of life leads upward for the prudent
to keep them from going down to the realm of the dead.”

Proverbs 15:24

 Kevin Membreño-Volunteer and Trekker


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