Through the eyes of our youth…

Written by one of the youth leaders at UrbanPromise Honduras. Aurelio loves hanging out with the staff and other youth of UPH. Here’s his perspective on UrbanTrekkers Honduras- past, present, and future.

ImageFINALLY it’s time to be able to share about the Trek for Peace. In that event we performed many activities and above all we learned a lot more than we understood before the word “peace”. We visited many families in Copan Ruínas, discussing, “What does peace mean to you?”, “What do we have to do to bring about peace between us?”, and “Through whom we can find peace?” I was super happy because their answers were exactly what we were hoping to hear from them. We did many activities to show that we must have peace. Later, we returned to the castle. Among our group, we asked what we can do to promote peace. We all gave our opinions on everything; we talked about love, patience and forgiveness. That God has peace for us and it’s a peace we all get if we have Christ in our hearts

IMG_0471November 19-22 was a very impactful week for me. We went to Comayagua, for a retreat in order to learn more about leadership. On Wednesday, we performed an activity with the organization, El Ayudante, in the community of Playitas. We divided into four groups in order to check the quality of water filters placed in the community. It was a marvelous day for everyone, because we also got to share some very impacting moments with the people we were able to visit. The moment most shocking for me was when we entered the houses of people we were visiting, because they were very gracious to share what little they had with us. Although we didn’t know them, they had a lot of confidence in us and shared many kind words with us. There were times when people had some kind of problem and they asked for prayer. We did it all with love for God.

DSC00756For the following year (for UrbanTrekkers in 2014) I have a lot of dreams, and with the support of those around me, I know I can achieve them. My dreams are…to visit many countries, learn many new things, for example, how to help people with some type of problem. And when I return to my country, I’d like to share what I learned, like how harmony can exist between the people who are around us, not just with our families, but with everyone in the world.

We love others always with the motivation of the love of God.

-Aurelio Vazques


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