Never Too Small

A symphony of giggling children greeted us as we walked into the room, and Luis, our UrbanTrekkers Director, warned us this might not be like a normal day of Summer Camps. We are accustomed to doing ministry with elementary-aged kids, and a room filled with around 100 pre-K toddlers is a whole different ball game.

On dsc00093this particular Trekkers trip, Luis had arranged for our UPH youth to serve at a daycare center for children in great need of attention and support. The adult leaders took a back seat and watched as our teenage leaders took center stage, leading an inspiring string of activities with these children. It was a purely teenage-led event from start to finish. Everyone loved it, and as they wrapped up the final art activity, kids
were already asking when they would return.

Later that night, we set up our tents and gathered around the table to reflect on highlights and challenges from the day. We were impressed by how Nestor, one of the teenage leaders, described his learning from this experience of service. He told us that, “We are never too small to do big things, but we are also never too big to do smdsc00046all things”. I did not know it at the time, but Nestor had experienced significant family tragedy in his life, and the unconditional love from those toddlers had really ministered to his spirit that day. Those toddlers did something far greater than he ever thought possible. At the same time, Nestor was also surprised how some simple songs and games could make such a big difference in the lives of the little ones whom he served. He never imagined that as a teenager, he could have such great influence through such small acts. Both big and small things collided on that day, and they brought about greater faith, hope and love.

Let us remember the encouraging words from Nestor as we step out in faith together, “We are never too small to do big things, and we are never too big to do small things”!


Blair Quinius

President and Founder of UrbanPromise Honduras








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